THE JUST CITY, Musing on BOOK 8 of Plato’s Republic. Photomontage of proposed interactive work.

‘Infrastructure i6 The Just City’ is loosely based on Plato’s major work The Republic. i6 The Just City extends the dialogue of Plato’s work by engaging people in the endless rebuilding of the sculpture. (Plato describes a cyclic political evolution-  beginning in Aristocracy, degenerating into Timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy and finally collapsing into Tyranny) As the rebuilding process takes place on i6 The Just City, others can manipulate the pitch and yaw of the gimbal helping or hindering the process – often reversing all of the previous participants efforts. (as they fall off) The dichotomy of engagement and detachment are pivotal ideas underpinning this sculpture. These twin metaphors are represented in the actual kinetic structure of the piece.  Under the city a labyrinth of tunnels and catacombs, stairwells and ladders probe and undulate in free space rather like the roots of a living thing suddenly exposed to scrutiny.  CONTACT ME TO DISCUSS THIS PIECE

Oliver Stretton Pow - Artist | Sculptor - New Zealand