THE DRAWING ROOM, Artist Residency, Perth, Western Australia

THE DRAWING ROOM, Artist Residency, Perth, Western Australia

Before traveling to Perth I had ambitious plans to build a significant installation into the work space of the residency. This was to be a large cylinder upon which I intended to project video footage of a dust-storm or a cyclone. It was intended to be a nod in the direction of Mexican legend, Francis Alys, who captured footage by running into small tornados with a video camera.



As the residency progressed i scoured the city sidewalks, especially suburbs with curb-side rubbish collections in progress looking for materials to build the structure.  I was drawn to the modular shapes of dresser drawers which i quickly accumulated en mass in the studio.

trolley window  524265_457630690937870_158710971_n

Beaufort Street at night

The final Drawing Room installation included both the ‘Folly’ structure built out of upcycled  dresser drawers, and the themed dressing of the large window. This Drawing room housed a curated selection of items including a fireplace, poofe, coyote skin rug and so on.  Footage of a blazing fire was projected through a cubby in the mantle piece out onto the street, as the image partially reflected back off the bay windows the effect was  to bathe the work, pavement and passers by in fire.


The Drawing Room window.

Oliver Stretton Pow - Artist | Sculptor - New Zealand