LIKE FATHER, Group Exhibition, Waiheke Island, NEW ZEALAND

LIKE FATHER, Group Exhibition, Waiheke Island, NEW ZEALAND

This show was a meditation on the relationship between Father and Child. The installation of 12 Axes in a row refers to the tournament covertly staged by Ulysses and his son Telemachus – whom ever could string Ulysses large bow and fire an arrow through twelve axe heads, would take Penelope (Ulysses wife) as the prize.

installation view 2 web          installation view 1 web

The twelve axes i produced for the installation were each embossed with an image on one side and text on the reverse, they had references to lineage, legacy and progeny.

folley1-web        rhizome web   gin web

Other chapters in this show were meditations on the Ulysses Oddessy, the 10 year journey home  that involved diverse trials and detours.

mariner webgroup 1 web

Mariner relates to Ulysses sailors whom he had plug their ears with wax so as not to be lured onto the rocks by the sirens

black stick web  

Detail of the compound bow

see sea web 


 ullysses dreaming web    

Ulysses dreaming of Penelope

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Gallery view of the Large bow and 12 Axes                                         





Oliver Stretton Pow - Artist | Sculptor - New Zealand