SCULPT ONEROA: 2013 – 2016, Group exhibition Waiheke Island (Annual)

SCULPT ONEROA: 2013 - 2016, Group exhibition Waiheke Island (Annual)

The lighthouse form as a navigational marker represents safe

passage and potential harbourage. I am intending to subvert these

messages by indicating that this one has come adrift.  
The piece asks viewers to second-guess their instinctual reaction to
this apparent flotsam on the high tide mark, and consider the
concept of orientation, are we sure of our heading or have we
totally lost our bearings…?


Capitol: Homage to the archetypical beehive: as a cliché (the House of parliament) and as a symbol of selfless enterprise for the benefit of the ‘greater good’. Many artworks have this toy-like aspect – both the object and the idea are intended to be toyed with. This play is a way of opening up spaces between established ways of thinking and doing. As such the participant’s in this process bring their own interpretation to the work, inadvertently enriching their lives.

Oliver Stretton Pow - Artist | Sculptor - New Zealand